SOUTHPORT— On what he described as a “significant moment,” Dr. Brad Hilaman, Dosher Memorial Hospital CEO and Chief Medical Officer, was among the first of Dosher’s frontline team members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Tuesday December 29th.   Dosher, which received their first shipment of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine last week, has scheduled sessions for employees to receive the first of the two dose series of the  vaccine, which is separated by 28 days, beginning the last week of December.

“We have faith that this is a turning point in the trajectory of the pandemic,” said Hilaman, who, in addition to his leadership role at Dosher, is a frontline physician in the Dosher Wound Care Center and in the operating room.  

Lynda Stanley, President of Dosher Memorial Hospital and Foundation, said, “We are grateful that we can provide this protection to our employees, who have remained extremely dedicated through the stressors and uncertainty that the Coronavirus has brought to the healthcare world and to our community.”  

Dosher’s employee vaccination schedule staggers staff members from different departments, as a precaution to possible side effects, to ensure that all service lines remain fully operational.  In compliance with CDC guidelines, employees are monitored for fifteen minutes after administration of the vaccine to observe for adverse reactions.

State and federal public health officials advise that the COVID-19 vaccine be administered in phases, beginning with those most at risk, such as frontline healthcare workers.  No further information is available at this time as to when vaccines will be accessible to Dosher’s clinic patients.    

Dr. Brad Hilaman, Dosher CEO/CMO, receives his first of the two part COVID Vaccine Series from Dosher Chief Nursing Officer Lesa Anderson
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