WILMINGTON,  NC – The Wall Printer, a Wilmington, NC-based vertical wall printer company, has hired University of North Carolina Wilmington graduate Stephen Nymberg to manage social media and marketing. He also oversees the company’s video productions, Spanish language documentation, and website work.

“Stephen is a talented professional who is able to wear a lot of hats for us,” said Paul Baron, Founder & CEO of The Wall Printer. “Because our company has the sole rights to distribute throughout the Western Hemisphere, it was critical that I find someone who was fluent in Spanish to help our customers to the south. He’s been a great team addition.”

New to America but well known in Asia, Europe, India, and the Middle East, the idea of printing wall art and murals, both indoors and outdoors, is the compelling reason behind The Wall Printer (TWP).  TWP has sold distributorships and helped establish new businesses across mainland US and Canada, as well as in Puerto Rico and Colombia, South America, since finalizing the rights in early 2020. The company’s business model facilitates entrepreneurship for others via exclusive territory ownership by local ‘Wall Printers.’

“Stephen has facilitated communications with new customers from Central and South America, and understands the culture as well as the language,” continued Baron. “It’s something that he does especially well, and plugs a hole that will help ensure our success in these markets, and at home in North America.”

On a daily basis, Stephen works on videos and other content for both the English and Spanish websites as well as social media for both sets of customers.

“Working at The Wall Printer is a great opportunity for me to put to work everything I learned in the Cameron School of Business,” said Nymberg. “My focus was on entrepreneurship, so helping people who want to make The Wall Printer the center of a new business themselves is right up my alley. And because I minored in Spanish, I get to use those skills daily and keep them sharp. It’s perfect!”

The Wall Printer (TWP) is a new way to print vertically. The printer facilitates durable, accurate, high resolution image printing, indoors or outdoors, on any surface, with original art or signage. The Wilmington, NC-based company helps people start successful mural and logo wall printing businesses throughout the western hemisphere. Learn how you can help make the world more beautiful one wall at a time at www.thewallprinter.com.

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