WILMINGTON, N.C. — The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce team, through the Cape Fear Future Foundation, has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation to support implementation of talent and workforce development programs that will address the most pressing skills gaps in our community. 

“A skilled and ready workforce is vital to our local economy. We’re proud to support the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce’s dedicated efforts to better position our region for recovery from these challenging times,” said John Elliott, Director of Government and Community Relations at Duke Energy.

While many industries have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, there are still some industries that are hiring and thriving. There are also new industries and occupations emerging as a result of COVID-19 and private sector innovations that will help individuals get back to work.

“The chamber is focused on talent and workforce development initiatives that will help position our region for an accelerated recovery. Having a skilled workforce that is able to compete once the pandemic is under control is a key component of our recovery strategy,” said Wilmington Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Natalie English.

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