Wilmington, NC — PS Solutions is excited to welcome Gabrielle “Gabbi” Plumez to the team as a product marketing specialist. Plumez is a critical thinker who has a great reputation in the emerging ventures community. She has experience coordinating large-scale marketing efforts with University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “Getting an opportunity to add a tremendous talent on the level of Gabbi Plumez not only allows us to help deliver our message, it also opens new avenues for the services we are supplying to our clients. We keep referring to Gabbi as our First Round Draft Pick.” said Wayne Hippo, owner/managing partner of PS Solutions. Plumez graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UNCW.

Plumez will have a full schedule from the start, continuing critical efforts with WorkTok, an employee communications app, as the lead product marketer and will also conduct marketing and engagement projects with Leath HR Group, a human resources consulting firm. “I have loved the forward momentum that Gabbi has helped us accomplish at WorkTok! This new move will allow us to get even more of Gabbi’s time. I also look forward to having Gabbi support Leath HR Group in our marketing efforts,” Lisa Leath, client of PS Solutions, states.

“This opportunity allows me the security to work with an established company while, at the same time, the excitement of advancing the progress of several businesses, including a startup I have come to love, WorkTok.” Founded in 2008, PS Solutions is a software development firm headquartered in Altoona, PA with offices in Pittsburgh and Wilmington, NC. PS Solutions provides an onshore alternative to outsourcing development projects overseas, employing a diverse
group of software and project management professionals.

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