Wilmington, NC — CFCC’s Information Technology students spent the past year building a robust online management system to support the efforts of the CFCC Food Pantry, Ray’s Tray.

In search of a simplified system that would streamline food-pantry order processing and inventory management, the CFCC Food Pantry team approached CFCC’s Information Technology Program Director, Sohail Sukhera. Sukhera turned this request into a project for his Database Programming I (DBA 120) and Database Administration (DBA 210) classes.

“It was a great collaborative effort between my two classes,” said Sukhera. At the end of this semester, Sukhera’s class presented the prototype to the CFCC Food Pantry team.

“Partnering with Sohail and his class on this database project has been an amazing collaboration,” said CFCC English instructor and food pantry team member Meredith Merrill. “It’s so nice when our students get real-life, hands-on experience. And, the fact that this is for such a charitable cause right on our campus is even better. This database will streamline our processes for keeping track of volunteer hours, registering patrons of the food pantry, and tracking our inventory. We are so appreciative of the students’ efforts towards this project under Sohail’s leadership.”

Sukhera plans to finish the database with his students this upcoming fall semester. “The tech industry is booming, and it is important to show students the relevance and the real-world applications of what they are learning in the classroom. This project extends beyond an academic exercise. Not only are the students gaining real-world experience, but they are also making a direct impact on the lives of those in our community. I am extremely proud of our students.”

“This is a wonderful, practical way for students to enhance their skills,” said CFCC President Jim Morton. “I know this was a meaningful project for everyone involved.  Our faculty worked together to create a learning opportunity that will benefit CFCC students for years to come.” 

For more information about the Information Technology program at CFCC, visit cfcc.edu/information-technology. To learn more about the CFCC Food Pantry, visit cfcc.edu/food

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