SOUTHPORT – Dosher Memorial Hospital has recently earned their ISO 9001:2015 certification.  The ISO 9001 standard is a quality management certification which promotes adaptation of a process approach and demonstrates commitment to consistency, continual improvement, and patient satisfaction.  The ISO 9001 standard for healthcare provides a model for a quality management system which focuses on the effectiveness of clinical, business, and support processes to ensure that high quality care is provided. 

Dosher was awarded the certification by DNV, an independent certification, assurance and risk management provider.  DNV has worked with Dosher since 2018 as their hospital’s accreditation body, which, through annual independent assessments, ensures the safety of hospitals to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs.  The DNV accreditation process for hospitals is based on the ISO 9001 quality management system, with a focus on continuous improvement of quality to enhance patient care.

Dr. Brad Hilaman, CEO/CMO of Dosher Memorial Hospital said, “With our patient centered focus and dedication to quality and safety, an ISO 9001 certification is a way for Dosher to formalize this commitment and to ensure continual improvement of our quality management system.”

Lynda Stanley, President of Dosher Memorial Hospital and Foundation, said, “The ability for us to deliver consistent, high quality care that meets patients’ needs is critical. An ISO certification is an extra level of checks and balances to help verify that every patient encounter and every process within our organization is executed according to the highest standards.”

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