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The “R” in RPIE

December 17, 2020

During the course of my public relations training, I’ve studied a four-step process dubbed “RPIE.” The four steps are: R = Research P = Planning I = Implementation E = Evaluation. The research phase is intended to ensure that a client or organization builds its campaign based upon valid assumptions and informed insight, not guesses or speculation. Research activities that happen during this phase may include electronic surveys, interviews with clients or stakeholders, reviewing social media posts and conversation, poring over online analytics, focus groups or public opinion surveys, to name a few. Many clients and organizations attempt to skip…

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A Refresher in Media Relations

November 17, 2020

Technology is transforming the world of public relations and strategic communication, and many now view the press release as a relic of ages past. At the start of my public relations career over two decades ago, much of my work revolved around traditional media relations. These days, more and more of our work is digital or web-focused in nature. When I recently received a referral to a new client who needed assistance with a media announcement related to an acquisition, it was a welcome reminder of my professional roots. This project also provided a great refresher on some key principles…

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When Tensions are High, Think Before You Speak, Post, or Send

July 15, 2020

The events of 2020 have dramatically altered the communication landscape in which leaders must operate. This year has been so filled with crises that memes speculating on what could be next are a prevalent feature in my social media feeds. As leaders, we must understand that emotions run high during a crisis, with fear and anger often being dominant. Further, an individual’s emotional response to a crisis frames how they will interpret your words, actions and events during that crisis. Emotionally charged situations fill the communication environment with landmines, and leaders must exercise even greater discernment than in normal times.…

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Leadership, Communication and Setting the Tone During a Crisis

May 13, 2020

by Frank L. Williams During a crisis, people expect leaders to lead. Whether you are a business owner, association director, elected official or Rotary president, those under your leadership will look to you for direction and hope during a crisis. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are craving security and stability during a crisis that threatens to undermine both. You must lead with clarity and purpose and set the tone for your organization. This begins with having a clear, accurate understanding of the communication environment in which you are operating. General Colin Powell said, “As a leader you set the…

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